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Scratches on the screen and back pannel. Fillpkart sell used products. This is the best phone available in the market and can't be compared with samsung or other android operating devices. People here giving bad reviews are those who never used an iphone or can't afford it. Specification wise it has a dual core processor and still beats samsung's 8 cores or 12 cores.

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Just pay once to apple and it will treat you like a king ;. Aayush Gupta Dec, Alright Now! Got it few weeks back and not disappointed with the build quality. The fact of the matter is I'm a hardcore torrent guy!

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So ehhhhh!!!! I like to call it that. But yes! This is iOS and it has its own charm. Transferring data is kinda in a mess!

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I mean give me a global smartphone for christ sake!! I gotta go first through iTunes and then upon another thing! That's just too much time cons Questions and Answers. Q: is iphone 4g compaitable.

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A: Yes , It is compatible with 4G. Gulbrandsen Technologies India Pvt Ltd. Report Abuse. Q: Does it have a fingerprint sensor? A: Yes, this device has a fingerprint identity sensor. WS Retail.

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Q: it is 3g or 4g. CompareMyMobile's mobile comparison tool is the best way to find the iPhone 5s deal for you. See tons of available deals on the handset, compare them all in one place, and adjust the filters at the side of the page to only show deals that fit what you want. Allowance - Choose a tariff or a range that will fit your usage best. Think about how many texts you send, how long you talk on the phone for each month, and how much mobile data you use.

Network - Some networks offer cheap plans, while others give you lots of benefits like fast 4G or free use of certain apps. You may also want to think about family plans that you can link multiple phones to, and existing customer deals from your current network or even broadband provider. Either way, always check coverage in your area for your chosen network before you decide. Model - Pick an internal storage option, your preferred colour, and whether or not you want a refurbished phone. Cost - If you have a budget for the month or on what you can spend today, set a maximum price in the filter.

Or, sort the grid by cost to see the cheapest deals at the top and compare what you can get.

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See below for more tips on finding a cheap deal. Once you find a deal you want, click through, and we'll take you to the provider or retailer to start your order. The iPhone 5s is quite a cheap phone - whatever deal you get will be fairly low in price, even if you choose a high allowance. To find the cheapest iPhone 5s deal for you, select everything you want from your plan using the tips above, then sort the grid by cost to see the best value ones first.

I'd much prefer this key to be located on the right hand side of the iPhone 5C, as it would make it that bit easier to access and avoids any awkward shuffling of the phone in the hand - but of course that would see Apple copying Samsung in terms of placement, and nobody wants to see any more accusations of copying coming along. Joining the left aligned headphone jack on the base of the iPhone 5C is a centralised lightning port and a mono speaker to one side to help you blast your tunes at grannies on the bus or conduct a more civilised speakerphone conversation.

Now the right hand side hasn't been left completely alone on the 5C, with Apple choosing this surface as the location for the SIM card tray - but unlike most smartphones that take microSIMs these days, iPhones now rock the tiny nanoSIM technology. This means you'll have to talk to your network about getting a nanoSIM for your shiny new iPhone 5C before you'll be able to use it - that is unless you're upgrading from an iPhone 5, but I'd suggest that's pretty much a waste of money.

If you're coming from a similarly priced Android handset you'll probably think the iPhone 5C feels a little on the small size, with its 4-inch display more at home at the budget end of the rival OS's line up. While the screen size might not be anything special, the x Retina display is present and correct on the iPhone 5C, meaning it has the same offering as both the iPhone 5 and 5S.

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There are even more similarities with the iPhone 5, as you'll find the same A6 processor, 8MP rear camera, 1. The iPhone 5C is 4G enabled of course, but supports even more bands meaning it'll work on even more networks around the world. So what have we got so far then?

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  • Well, the iPhone 5C is a slightly overweight iPhone 5 with a plastic body, larger battery and a slightly lower price tag. If anything it looks to be a bit of a hard sell on paper - but with iOS 8. Current page: Introduction.

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    Our Verdict While it's still an iPhone, it's not much more than 's device shoved in a plastic case - although iOS 8 really helps the cause. Against Still high cost Doesn't feel premium Too similar to iPhone 5.